SCR (Summary Care Records)

The information that is sent will only be the following:

  • Any current acute medication that you are taking.
  • Any current repeat medication that you are taking.
  • Any allergies that you have.

This information will only be able to be viewed by NHS staff with the correct authorities. There will be a robust audit trail in place to check usage. You must give your authority for the information to be viewed each time it is accessed. (Unless you are unable to do so and a clinical decision is taken to view your records for your safety)

If you do not wish your SCR to be uploaded in the initial stage, please let any member of the Surgery staff know and we will ensure your wishes are caried out.

You can choose to have your records removed/locked any time you wish. You can also choose to have them uploaded if you have previously with-held consent any time you wish.

You will be given the opportunity at a later date to increase the amount of medical information held for you on the National Spine should you wish. Nothing will be uploaded onto the Spine without your premission.

Please visit: for more information.